Mokoko X (Switch, Xbox One, PC)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but in Mokoko X you play a classic styled arcade game to reveal pictures of anime ladies.  So yeah, a lot like Pretty Girls Panic.  It’s available on Switch, Xbox One, and PC, but reviewed on Switch here.

So basically, this game plays just like Qix, a classic Taito arcade game from the early 80s.  In that game you had to draw lines to form squares, and when you did it would fill in the square and would give you a percentage of territory you covered.  But you had to avoid enemies that would destroy you if they touched you or your line before finishing a square.  In Mokoko X, if you get a certain percentage or more of your squares on the screen, you’ll finish the level and reveal a picture of an anime lady.  Oddly enough, there was a Qix-like arcade game with the same idea called Gals Panic that gained some notoriety because of that.

There are eight anime ladies in all, and each one has three levels plus a boss level.  Each level introduces a new enemy with different attack patterns, and in the boss level you have to deal with all three of them.  You can encase enemies in squares to destroy them, and question blocks may give you power-ups or just points if you circle around them.  Some power-ups include shields, energy, and a time stopper.  You can also tackle each stage with three difficulty levels, and upload your scores to a leaderboard.  There’s supposed to be a storyline here, but I skipped through it because it wasn’t very interesting and didn’t seem to add anything to the gameplay.

The two main problems I had with this one is that one, it gets too hard about halfway through, especially when enemies start spewing hard to see bullets at you.  And the game is quite buggy, and would freeze up on me and cause my Switch to reset multiple times.  I really can’t tolerate that so I lost interest quickly.

Kid Factor:

Mokoko X is rated T for Teen with an ESRB descriptor of Sexual Themes.  You reveal pictures of anime ladies but they all seem to be fully clothed.  But some of the things they say may be considered suggestive.  Because of that and the difficulty, this one is best for older players.

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