Pac-Man x Kura Sushi

There’s a chain of conveyor belt sushi restaurants called Kura Sushi.  When you go there, if you eat enough sushi plates, you can win little prizes!  And from the beginning of September to the end of October 2022, you can get prizes based on Pac-Man.  So you know I had to go.  So last month on my birthday, that’s exactly what me and my family did!  I took lots of pictures, so be sure to check it out!

First of all, here is the ad where I found out about this:

When we got there, they really had everything decorated up!  Here’s a banner lining up around the kitchen.

And here’s the back wall.

They had placecards on the tables advertising it as well.

And even the napkin holders had them!  It was so tempting for me to take all this stuff!

So here’s how the restaurant works.  You sit at a table and a conveyor belt has plates of sushi that pass by.  You can pick one up if you see something you like.  Or you can special order things from a touch screen menu.  Those come on a separate conveyor belt.  Here’s what the conveyor belt looks like.

One thing I did special order was a dessert.  My ‘birthday cake’ if you will.  It was this fish shaped bean paste filled bun with vanilla ice cream.  Here’s a picture of that.

When you are finished with a sushi plate, there is a little slot at your table for you to drop them off at.  When you do this, sometimes the touch screen will show a little Pac-Man animation.  Here’s some pictures of the touch screen.  First is one letting you know that the plates have been inserted in the slot.

Sometimes a little animation will play as well.  Here’s one example.

And here’s another one.

When you turn in enough sushi plates, a machine will drop a Pac-Man prize.  Here is a picture of that machine.  You can also order the prizes separately, which is what I did so I could get all the ones they had!

Aside from visiting with my family on my birthday and getting Pac-Man prizes, another of my favorite things about this restaurant is that robots serve you your drinks!  But you have to hurry because if you don’t get your drinks fast enough, the robot will roll away and you’ll have to chase after it!  Here’s a picture of a robot serving us our drinks.

And here’s a robot serving drinks at another table.

And here’s a robot taking a break.  I guess robots need breaks, too.  I love the robots.

And here’s all the Pac-Man prizes I got!  The only ones they didn’t have were two of the ghost monster keychains.  So if you have them and want to give them to me, I’ll gladly take them!  🙂

The prizes came in little yellow balls with pieces of paper showing all the prizes.  So here’s a picture of those, too.

And when you spent enough money, you could get a special prize.  I got a phone holder.  They said they would give out T shirts later, but they didn’t have a date for those.  I might go back to get a T shirt if I can!

And that’s all the Pac-Man stuff at Kura Sushi!  I had a lot of fun, and it reminded me of those gimmicky restaurants you can go to at Disney World.  But this was only 20 minutes from my house!  I’m not sure if I’d go back, unless they had prizes based on Animal Crossing, Kirby, or Mega Man!  Big thanks to my family for taking me there for my birthday, though!  Later!  –Cary

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  1. Really cool. I keep looking at the Kung Fu Teas in my area for video game related promotions.

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