The Preschoolers (Switch)

The Preschoolers is an interactive coloring book on Switch where youngsters can watch cartoon episodes about kids at a preschool day care, and then color scenes from the episodes they just watched.  The initial game comes with two cartoon episodes, but you can purchase two more in Season 1 plus more coloring pages at the Nintendo eShop.

The two cartoon episodes you start out with are about nap time and a trip to the zoo.  But the lessons in both are just about being quiet.  The episodes are about five minutes long or less, and while the animation does the job, it makes Peppa Pig look like a masterpiece.  You also get a wide selection of scenes from the episodes to color.  The paint program you use to color is pretty nice, but I do wish there was a parents guide to tell you what each color icon does.  It’s fairly easy to figure out otherwise, though.  You can paint with the touch screen in handheld mode and an icon on the TV, but I think little kids would find it easier in handheld mode.

My only other problem with this title is that you only get two five minute episodes and must purchase the other two.  I don’t really like how they nickel and dime you like that.  At only five minutes each, I think all episodes should’ve been included, especially since that’s not much to entertain a little kid.

Kid Factor:

Nothing violent or objectionable here.  While a parent’s guide would’ve been nice, the game is pretty easy to figure out without words.  The Preschoolers is rated E for Everyone.

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