That’s a Cow (Switch, Mobile)

That’s a Cow is a silly, continuous runner where you propel your cow forward by having it squirt milk like some kind of dairy jetpack.  You can also squirt obstacles and enemies, too, as you collect coins and apples.  It’s available on Switch and mobile devices, but reviewed on Switch here.

There are 100 stages in total, and each stage is a short, 2-D obstacle course with 3-D graphics.  Your cow constantly moves forward, but you can press a button to have it squirt out milk to propel it.  You can then tilt the joystick so you can zip forward, fly up, or pull back to squirt milk toward upcoming obstacles.  You’ll have to avoid falling into pits or getting hit by these little boys who like to throw plungers at you.  But you can squirt them with milk to render them harmless.  You can also squirt milk to move obstacles and break glass balls to reveal items inside.  Collect coins and apples along the way and if you get enough, you’ll earn stars.  Get enough stars and you can unlock a new cow to play as.  You can also unlock a cow every hour, too.  If you get hit three times or fall off a platform, you must start the level over.

I like the silly premise and the play control is very solid on the Switch.  I also enjoyed the Katamari Damacy styled graphics and funky music.  The game does get a bit hard halfway through, and it also gets repetitive at times.  But this is still one of the better continuous runner games I’ve played.

Kid Factor:

Nothing really too terribly violent or objectionable here.  You can squirt milk at these little boys with plungers, but they just fall over and disappear.  When you run out of hearts, your cow just flips upside down.  But everything looks like toys anyway.  Your cows even come in little blister packages!  No reading skill required, and I imagine kids would get a good laugh out of this.  That’s a Cow is rated E for Everyone.

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