Pac-Man Goes For Takeout

A couple of Christmases ago I got a set of Pac-Man figures where he and the ghost monsters are surrounded by brunch related fruit items.  Well this past year they did something similar, except these figures have Pac-Man enjoying Asian types of cuisine.  I got these for Christmas last year so I thought I’d show them to you.

Here is the big box they came in.

Each figure came in a smaller box, so here’s what that looks like.

And now for the figures.  First is Pac-Man fishing for some crabs.  I could make an obvious joke here, but I won’t.

Next is Pac holding some steamed dumplings.  I know they made it try and look like he’s holding them from the side, but it just looks like his arm is coming out of his chin!

Now he’s slurping up some noodles.  I always figured Pac-Man as more of a chomper than a slurper.  And check out that hat!

I think this next one’s my favorite.  Pac-Man’s tossing up some fried rice while wearing a panda hat.  It’s just a well made figure and is pretty big and stands up well.  And the panda hat is cute.

Here’s Pac-Man balancing some rice dishes while crossing a bridge.  I was a bit bummed out because this one came in broken.  His skinny little leg came out with his red boot still on the bridge!  I managed to make him stand up for the picture, but he fell quickly after that.  I guess I’ll have to get some super glue after it.

Last is Pac-Man holding some treats on a stick.  I have no idea what kind of hat that is, though.

And that’s all the figures.  Each came with a trading card, so here are those.

And this is what the cards looked like on the back side.

And those are all the figures!  They’re really cool and I’m glad I got them, but I think I like the brunch figures more.  Those were made better and none came in broken.  Plus I just like breakfast foods more.  Anyway, that’s all for now!  Later!  –Cary

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  1. Neat! Great designs.

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