Uzzuzzu My Pet (Switch)

A large orange dog, a fat pink cat, a cute grey and white kitten, and a little white puppy with something always in its mouth are the stars of Uzzuzzu My Pet.  Supposedly they are in short little CG animated segments on TikTok, and are popular in Korea…I guess?  I don’t know, I don’t mess with TikTok.  And now they’re in a virtual coloring book on your Switch!

The menu is split up into topics, like music, food, family, vehicles, and hygiene.  On each topic, you can view one of the short animated segments, as well as choose eight different coloring pages related to that topic.  The coloring pages let you choose colors, brush types, and sizes.  You can use the controller or touch screen, but the touch screen is WAY easier to use and has a more intuitive menu, too.  You can even choose a brush that lets you always color inside the lines, perfect for younger folks.  You can save each page as well as have separate blank pages to draw your own works.  And that’s pretty much it.  It works for what it is, and serves its purpose I suppose.

Kid Factor:

Nothing violent or too objectionable here.  One of the animated segments has the fat pink cat struggling to use the toilet, so there is a bit of crude humor, but that’s it.  Reading skill isn’t needed, but you can buy extra blank drawing pages on the eShop, so parental supervision is still recommended.  Uzzuzzu My Pet is rated E for Everyone.

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