Giant Wishes (Switch)

A lady who runs a flower shop is tired of being mistreated by all the men in her village, so she seeks out a giant lady who may be able to help her turn into a giant herself.  Giant Wishes is a visual novel on Switch.  Normally I don’t review these, but every once in a while I may try one to see if I like them better.  It hasn’t happened yet, though.

All you do in this one is push a button to make text go by, and you read it.  That’s about it.  On the menu screen you can save to different files and check out any art you may have unlocked.  Supposedly you can get different endings, but the only time the game gave me a choice was just once.  The story is also incredibly short and I imagine I finished it in an hour.  And the adult themes just got a bit too much for my tastes.  So yeah, I still don’t like visual novels.

Kid Factor:

Giant Wishes is rated M for Mature with ESRB descriptors of Sexual Themes, Nudity, and Strong Language.  All those descriptors are here in spades, so definitely for adults only.

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