Fit my Cat (Switch)

There is a phrase one of my brothers said once about how cats try and fit into boxes.  “If it fits, I sits.”  And now they’ve made a whole game out of that with Fit my Cat on Switch.  Arrange cats of various sizes and shapes so they all fit into a box to pass the level.  It kind of reminds me of those tanogram games.

In each level are cats outside a box, and each one is arranged so it’ll fit in a certain number of squares in a box.  Highlight a cat with the L stick and move it with the A button and rotate it with the R button.  When all the cats are in the box, you can go onto the next level.  The music has cat meows and purrs in the background, so cat lovers should enjoy that.  There are nearly 100 levels in all.

It’s a neat concept and relaxing puzzler, but I had a few problems with it that kept me from staying interested.  It gets pretty hard around level 25 or so, and a hint option or level skip feature would’ve been nice.  Also it’s a bit difficult to tell which cat is highlighted.  A mouse cursor or pointer might’ve solved that problem.

Kid Factor:

Nothing violent or objectionable here.  Reading skill isn’t needed and the game may be considered somewhat educational as it enforces spatial relations.  But younger gamers may find it difficult after a while.  Fit my Cat is rated E for Everyone.

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