Sora amiibo

The last new character Nintendo announced for Smash was Sora from Kingdom Hearts.  So of course they made an amiibo figure out of him.  I got it so let’s take a look!

Here’s Sora in the box.

And here’s Sora out of the box.

I figured this one would be hard to get, and he was.  Since this was the last new character announced for Smash, I wonder if Nintendo will stop making amiibo figures soon?  I think they’ve made all the Smash fighters into amiibo figures anyway.  It’ll be sad if they stop, but at the same time, my wallet will be happy.

Remember when Kingdom Hearts first came out?  That was such a big deal for a game to combine Disney and Square characters together.  I like the games, but I’m not as big of a fan as others.  For instance, I think the storyline is overcomplicated garbage.  I just like tromping around Disney worlds beating up bad guys with a giant key.  My brother Ben REALLY likes Kingdom Hearts, though.  I wonder if he got the Sora amiibo as well?

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