“The Video Game Chef” Cookbook

For Christmas last year I got a video game themed cookbook. It’s hardcover and pretty nice and has some interesting recipes in it, so I thought I’d go over a few of them here.  I won’t go over ALL the recipes in the book, just some notes I jotted down on the ones I found more interesting.

The first recipe is for Power Pellets from Pac-Man.  It’s just an overcomplicated chocolate chip cookie recipe with nuts and stuff.  I don’t really think of cookies when I think of power pellets.  If it were me, I’d make the first recipe of the book an easy fruit salad featuring the bonus fruit from Pac-Man.  Minus the keys, bells, and Galaxian flagships of course.

Naturally there’s an Italian style mushroom recipe from Super Mario Bros.

The Legend of Zelda gets a red potion.  Castlevania has Wall Meat.

Kirby gets Superspicy Curry.  You could probably make a whole cookbook out of Kirby food.  Hey that’s a good idea.  Someone should get on that.

Oh man, they have Yoshi’s Cookies!  I’ve always wanted to make those, but they look really hard to make.  I guess I really just want to eat them.  I love the Yoshi’s Cookie game.  I wish Nintendo would give it some love and remake it like the millions of times they’ve done with Dr. Mario.

I love how Streets of Rage gets Trash Can Chicken.  I wonder if you have to eat it off the floor?

Earthworm Jim 2 has a recipe based on “Level Ate.”

Chrono Trigger gets Jurassic Pork Soup, although in the Japanese version it’s not soup they’re drinking, but alcohol!

I love how there’s a “Jill Sandwich” recipe from Resident Evil.  Unfortunately it’s a dessert lady finger style recipe, which doesn’t sound appetizing to me.  I love how in Dead Rising, one of the restaurants in the food court is named “Jill’s Sandwiches.”

Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley have quite a few recipes in here, which makes sense since you cook in both of those games.

Link’s grandma’s Elixir Soup from The Wind Waker is a recipe.  I wish the pumpkin soup from Twilight Princess was there, too. Oh wait, it is!  Cool!

Pokémon gets Poke-Blocks, but the recipe sounds like it has too much butter for me.  Later on in the book there’s a curry recipe from Sword and Shield.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door gets Koopasta.  I can’t wait to play the remake on Switch!

Kingdom Hearts 2 gets Sea Salt Ice Cream.  You know they had that in the game to promote the new at the time Tokyo Disney park Disney Sea?  They served that there, too.

Cooking Mama gets a recipe.  Seems kind of redundant.

The Cake from Portal is here!  Just like Yoshi’s Cookies, it looks hard to make but I sure would like to eat it!  No lie!

Odin Sphere was one of the only games that made item management fun.  You had to collect ingredients and cook and eat them at the end of stages to level up.  So it’s neat to see one here.

Of course there’s a Chili Dog recipe for Sonic.  You know Sonic has his own cookbook now.  I bet they’re in there, too.

Only one recipe from a Tales game?  Seems surprising since cooking is a feature in all of them.

Minecraft gets Suspicious Stew.  I heard there was a Pringles flavor with that, but I never saw it in stores.

And speaking of stew, there’s also Stupendous Stew from Super Mario Odyssey.  I hope it doesn’t call for whatever that boss bird barfs in it!

There’s a burger from Fortnite here.  You’d think the burger recipe would be from BurgerTime!

Animal Crossing gets Mixed Fruit Sandwiches.  I got my mom an Animal Crossing cookbook as a present a while back.  We made Takoyaki from it.  But in this cookbook, Takoyaki is for one of the Yakuza games.

The last recipe in here is from Eldin Ring, so pretty recent, really.

And that’s all for now!  Let me know what you think in the comments section.  And tell me which video games you think would make good cookbooks?  Later!  –Cary

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