Welcome to the Princess Peach Showtime Fashion Show!

Princess Peach Showtime is out and in the game, Peach gets a starring role as she dons new outfits in stage plays.  So I thought it might be neat to go through all the outfits she has and what they are like.  But keep in mind there may be some spoilers here and there, so watch out for that.  OK, let’s pull back the curtain and start the show!

So in the game, some Toads get Peach tickets to see plays at this new amphitheater.  And man this place is huge!  I’ve never heard of a five story building that shows nothing but plays.  It’s like those humongous movie theaters we’ve had since the 90s!  But once inside, an evil witch like character named Madame Grape shows up and takes over.  So it’s up to Peach to set things right.  One neat thing about this game is that aside from some Toads, there are no references to Mario at all.  Peach gets to star on her own.

The neat thing about this game is that all the levels look like stages in a play.  They use clever spotlights and other tricks to draw your attention.  There are these new characters called Theets that look like little Olimars who help you out in the plays as well.  Good Feel made this game, and they also did titles like Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Yoshi’s Woolly World, so they are good at theming like that.  Each play has a different costume for you to use, and there are three plays in total for each costume, with the final one being a kind of boss battle or challenge in the basement.  Each floor has four plays and when you complete them, you’ll fight a boss.  The neat thing about the bosses is they are all based on some sort of lighting used in plays, like disco balls, spotlights, etc.  Aside from the outfits, Peach can also unlock new patterns for her regular dress, as well as ribbons for her new partner.  All right with that out of the way, let’s take a look at Peach’s new outfits and skills!

Swordfighter Peach

When you start a new play, you’ll initially be regular Princess Peach.  She can twirl a ribbon around to cheer up Theets and interact with stage backgrounds.  But eventually you’ll find the outfits.  The swordfighter one has a Three Musketeers look and Peach can swing a fencing sword to attack enemies and chop down obstacles.  If you time your jumps right, you can do a bullet time dodge, too.  The first play is storming a castle covered in thorns, and the second is inside a haunted castle!

Patisserie Peach

What the heck is a “Patisserie?”  Well it’s a fancy name for a pastry chef.  See, video games do teach you things.  Here you do mostly cooking mini games.  You’ll either time button presses to make cookies or trace icing patterns on top of cakes.  It’s a lot more challenging than you might think, too.  Some of the treats look like Yoshi’s Cookie, but I think that’s the closest thing we’ll get to a Mario reference here.  The first play is a generic sweets festival, but the second one is a Halloween party!

Cowgirl Peach

She uses a lasso to pick up far away objects and can then throw them at other things.  Sometimes you’ll get to ride a horse, too.  The horse looks like a string puppet, and I wish they would’ve given it a name or let you name it.  Peach also gets a southern accent with this outfit, which is hilarious.

Ninja Peach

These plays are all about sneaking around undetected.  Normally I don’t like stealth in games, but they make it fun here.  Plus the game as a whole is very easy.  Peach can hide in tall grass, use a bamboo straw to sneak underwater, and use a covering to hide against walls.  When you see an opening where you can be undetected, press the B button to dash in for a quick attack with her ninja knives!  There are also autoscrolling running sections where you can dash on walls and use other ninja magics.

Detective Peach

This is one of my favorites.  It plays a little differently than the others, kind of like a point and click adventure mixed with a bit of Phoenix Wright.  As Detective Peach, you can hold down the A button to use your magnifying glass to see footprints and examine things more closely for clues.  And when you talk to someone or examine something, you can hold down the B button to ‘accuse’ them of whatever it is you’re trying to solve.  If you make a mistake, you’ll lose a heart, so you must use caution.  I found the first play actually harder than the second and third, but maybe I was just getting used to it.  I think with a bit of polish and refinements, you can make a whole game out of this concept.  Who says Princess Peach can’t be a smart detective, too?  I can see it now, a new game called “Detective Peach: Mysteries of the Mushroom Kingdom!”

Figure Skater Peach

As a figure skater, you control a little differently here as you can’t stop as well.  You can jump and twirl.  Sometimes you’ll have to twirl into enemies to trip them up, or twirl into Theets to have them skate behind you.  Other times you must skate on certain spotlights and perform a spin or jump or both directly over them.  The first play is a stage show and the second is a parade.  They make it feel like you’re playing a part in an Ice Capades show.

Dashing Thief Peach

Basically Peach with a grappling hook.  You’ll swing and zip around in 2D platforming fashion, and sometimes use a hang glider to make your escape.  Lupin the Third must’ve really been a big influence in Japan, as they sure do love their ‘good’ thief characters!

Kung Fu Peach

Another beat ‘em up style like the swordfighter, but here you use punches and kicks, and can swing from poles to defeat multiple enemies.  There’s a bit more platforming involved here, too, as you tromp through Asian style locations.

Mermaid Peach

She can swim around, so is she held up by an invisible string on stage or is the whole play underwater?  I hope the audience can hold their breath if that’s the case!  Mermaid Peach can sing, and when she does, if there’s fish in the background, you can control the fish to do certain things like collect items in the background or open clamshells.  Sometimes you might have to play a short music rhythm mini-game, too.

Mighty Peach

I think this one’s my favorite.  Peach gets super strength from a power suit that kind of reminds me of a Power Ranger mixed with Roll’s outfit from Mega Man Battle Network.  You can blast energy from your hands to defeat enemies, as well as pick up cars and buses and UFOs and even buildings and throw them around.  And that’s awesome.  What can I say, I have a thing for strong women, ha ha!  Sometimes she gets a jetpack for shooter style sections, although you still only blast short range energy from your fists instead of bullets, so it’s not as fun as I thought it would be.  One time you even grow big to fight a giant monster like how Ultraman does.  The plays have a sci-fi “aliens attacking the city” motif.

Radiant Peach

For the final boss, you get to wear a shiny white dress and shoot sparkles at the baddies.  For the final final form of the boss, you even get a Super Radiant Peach version with long sleeves on the dress and it reminds me of Rosalina.

And that’s all the outfits.  With a singing mermaid and Frozen style skaters, it makes me wonder if Nintendo wanted to tap into that popular Disney Princess market.  Or maybe Barbie, since I think Barbie has also been a mermaid, figure skater, cowgirl, and maybe even a super hero.  I wonder if Barbie’s even been a ninja?  That would be cool.  It gives off the message that Peach isn’t stuck as being only a princess, she can be anything she wants to be, just like you!  A lot of reviewers have complained about this game, saying it’s too easy and made just for kids.  But I don’t see anything wrong with that.  Kids deserve good games, too!  And I still had fun with it.  Is it Game of the Year material?  No, but not every game has to be.  It kind of reminded me of some of the GameCube’s more experimental titles like Luigi’s Mansion or Wario World, and I thought that was pretty cool.  Despite the sales numbers, I thought that era was a great time for Nintendo.  But anyway, that’s all for now.  In the comments section, let me know your favorite Peach outfit.  Later!  –Cary

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