Bomb Cat (Switch)

Whenever a game gets popular, there are almost always imitators soon after.  Such is the case with Suika Game.  This was a fruit matching puzzle game that came out last year and gained a bit of notoriety on the Internet.  Heck, even I reviewed it when it was free for a short while on the Nintendo Switch Online Service.  And now here comes Bomb Cat, which is pretty much the exact same game on Switch, but with an explosive twist!

Gameplay in Bomb Cat is super simple.  You control a hand on the top of the screen and can move it left and right.  Press the button to drop a ball shaped cat into a bin.  The game is physics based, so your cats will roll around in the bin.  When two of the same cats touch each other, they’ll merge into a bigger cat and you’ll get points.  The new thing added to this game are bomb cats.  They don’t disappear if two of them match up.  But sometimes when you match up other cats, one of the sequences turns them into a fireball cat.  If the bomb cat touches the fireball cat, it’ll ignite and explode.  This will send the other cats flying around, which can be both harmful and beneficial.  It can sometimes mix around the cats in your bin, keeping you in the game.  But if any of them fly outside the bin, you can still get a Game Over so you must use caution and strategy when dealing with them.  The game is over when a cat flies out of the bin and doesn’t fall back in, or if your stack reaches a line at the top.  Then the game tallies your score and saves the highest one.

My only problems with this game were that since it’s physics based, the movements of the cats rolling around can be a bit unpredictable and imprecise.  And the game could’ve had a few more features, like saving more than one high score, a leaderboard, or a two player option.  But even so, this one is just as addictive as Suika Game was, so if you liked that one, you might want to try Bomb Cat out, too.

Kid Factor:

Nothing too violent or objectionable here.  When the bomb cats explode, they just disappear in a puff of smoke and send the other cats flying around.  Reading skill isn’t needed so most any age can understand it.  Bomb Cat is rated E for Everyone.

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