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Position: Founder/Publisher

Age: 35

First Game: Space Invaders

Fave Game: Ms. Pac Man

Favorite Kid Flick: Finding Nemo

Kids: Maggie (6) & Henry (4)



Andrew’s work, as Andrew Bub, is featured in the book: “Really Great Video Games for Kids and Parents” from Common Sense Media. A nonprofit version of the old GamerDad.com 

Andrew, as GamerDad, was the Keynote Speaker for the American Library Association’s 2008 Technology Conference in Nov. 2008. Andrew spoke in front of 1000 librarians and library professionals about video games and children. 

Andrew. as GamerDad, was the Dinner Speaker at the 2008 Mississippi Library Association Convention in Jackson Miss. Andrew spoke in front of over 300 local librarians, answered questions, and demonstrated “Guitar Hero World Tour”, “Wii Bowling”, and “Mario Kart.”

September ’08 Andrew and family appear on BBC Radio One. 

For the 3rd year in a row, Andrew appears as GamerDad and delivers a speech before a capacity crowd at the massive Penny-Arcade Expo in Seattle. Estimated 40,000 gamers attend and 750 attend the speech “GamerDad: 5 Years of Gaming with Children.”

Andrew S. Bub negotiated with WhatTheyPlay Inc. The conversations led to WTP buying over 1000 GamerDad reviews. Andrew is pleased that the work of his friends and himself not only ended up paying off, they will still help parents.

Andrew, as GamerDad is flown out to San Francisco to advise the Leap Frog company about their future products.

Andrew has a massive heart attack and a quadruple bypass surgery. He survives. In response the Internet gaming community and his own fans rally to his side with over 1000 PayPal donations – each email begs me to continue my work.

Since January 2008 Andrew Bub has been proud to write “WhatTheyPlay.com’s” AskGamerDad column – the first advice column about games for parents. 

From December ’08 to December ’09 Andrew as GamerDad launched both the “GamerParenting” and the “Political Arena” columns. These columns included  expert analysis of the video game industry. 

In April ’08 The Entertainment Software Association (ESRB) and the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) hired GamerDad to help write a brochure about video game safety and ratings. Andrew, as GamerDad, also appeared on set with Patricia Vance, President of the ESRB and Jan Dommine, President of the PTA and a Chicago radio host who calls himself “The Technology Tailor” for an online interview and Q&A with viewers. Ten copies of the brochure went out to every PTA in America.

Andrew as GamerDad appears on Chicago Radio program “The Technology Tailor” in Chicago. He’s the guest that follows ESRB Pres. Patricia Vance.

2005-2008 Andrew writes reviews for CommonSenseMedia.org.


Writing Credits: Andrew is an expert on videogames and media violence. He’s been quoted as an expert in the New York Times, AP, NPR, Techwatch Radio, Chicago Tribune, USAToday, and many other news outlets.Published in:
USA Today, CNN, Sports Illustrated, Maximum PC, GamePower, GamePro, TechTV, PCGamer, and Prima Publishing.Contributing Editor: Computer Games Magazine, PCGamer, PCUpgrade, Maximum PC, Laptop Magazine, InQuest, GameSpy, Yahoo Games Domain.

Author of 4 Strategy Books and several unpublished Children’s Books.

Andrew also drives all media content (DVD, film, videogames) for Disney’s Family Fun.com

Hobbies: Photography, writing fiction, reading anything, playing with the kids.

Profession: Freelance Writer/Author/Stay-at-home-dad

About: Andrew broke into freelance writing and never looked back. Born in Milwaukee he grew up in Irvine CA and then found himself back in Milwaukee and working with game companies mostly based in… Irvine CA. The child in him is very much alive and loves playing with his own kids. He hopes one day to be a beloved children’s book author (but would settle for “published”) but would be content to be known simply as “GamerDad.”