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“The family that Plays together, Stays together” – unknown 

Don’t know much about video games? Welcome to class then. This page is designed to bring any parent up to speed on the hobby, on the dangers/benefits, on the terms and simple buying advice:

Welcome to GamerDad 101 – a work in progress.

So, What Do You Want to Know About?

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Video Game Buying Tips:

manhunt211.jpg1. Go ahead, judge a game by it’s cover. If it’s rated M and sounds violent or criminal and features gory looking screenshots on the back, well, then you have a good idea what kind of game it is.

2. Note the ESRB ratings and the content descriptors. For an explanation of the ratings visit the ESRB. The descriptors tend to be vague. I mean, what exactly is “Mild Suggestive Themes” exactly? To learn that go to step 3.

3. Look up the game at GameRankings or Metacritic to see if it’s any good. Then visit or to see what kind of content is in the game.

4. Visit places like YouTube and GameTrailers and watch footage of the game in question. Often these videos will show the “coolest” violence the game offers. Then you can rent the game if you still have doubts and play it yourself – or let your kid play it with you. You can always turn it off if it’s too much and then you’re only out a rental fee.

5. Read this blog daily. We like to cover the violent stuff, but also the quirky cool typically non-violent alternatives. We’re all hardcore gamers here. We play all kinds of games and you’d be surprised how many of them aren’t violent at all – but are still really cool. Also, you can register on our message board and ask a question about any game. Somebody is bound to help you out! (Going to and “Asking GamerDad” is a good idea too).

Feel free to post any questions below. All will be answered and the most useful ones will stay katamari2.jpgthere permanently. Enjoy the site and I hope gaming helps you have more fun with your kids. That’s what it’s all about. These aren’t “murder simulators” – they’re games. Entertainment. Just like books, TV and movies. Same risks, same rewards.

Have fun, bond with your kids, game with children!

-Andrew S. Bub

GamerDad 4/5/08

updated 4/17/08

Screenshots, in order from top to bottom:

Resident Evil IV – Capcom

Madden 08 – EA Sports

Grand Theft Auto 3 – Rockstar Games

Manhunt 2 – Rockstar Games

Katamari Damacy – Konami