Cary Woodham

Position: News Editor/Reviewer

Age: 28

First Game: Some Pong clone probably, or Pac-Man

Fave Game: Super Pac-Man

Favorite Kid Flick: The Muppet Christmas Carol

Kids: None, but I have six little brothers between the ages of 13 and 3, and I love to play games with all of them.

Writing Credits: Current: GamerDad
Past: The Dallas Morning News, The Daily Texan

Hobbies: Video games, cartoons, family, church

Profession: Church receptionist and free-lance writer

About: I’ve been hooked on video games ever since I first played Pac-Man. I’ve been blind in my left eye since birth, so I’m not too good at sports, but video games is something I can do well, and I enjoy it the most when I can play games with my little brothers. I also like to write, so in college I wrote various technology and video game articles for some major newspapers in Texas. I was glad when I found GamerDad because the people involved shared the same interest as I did, and I knew I wanted to write for GamerDad right away!