Simon Windmill

Simon wants BRAAAAAAINZPosition: Contributing Editor

Age: 33

First Game: Pong clone

Fave Game: Rez

Favorite Kid Flick: Toy Story

Kids: Sam (12) & Charlotte (2)

Writing Credits: Simon has made contributions to several computer graphics books and technical manuals, as well as numerous game reviews for

Hobbies: Goofing off with the family, gaming of all kinds (natch!), programming

Profession: Independent software developer / Stay-at-home-dad

About: A proud Englishman hailing from the Yorkshire city of Leeds, Simon moved to the US in 1994, started a family, founded his first software development company, and began a career that neatly straddled his two major interests – computer graphics and video games. He hopes to overcome his inability to actually finish development of any his game projects and start officially calling himself a game developer.