Position: Founder/Publisher

Age: 35

First Game: Space Invaders

Fave Game: Ms. Pac Man

Favorite Kid Flick: Finding Nemo

Kids: Maggie (6) & Henry (4)

Writing Credits: Andrew is an expert on videogames and media violence. He’s been quoted as an expert in the New York Times, AP, NPR, Techwatch Radio, Chicago Tribune, USAToday, and many other news outlets.Published in:
USA Today, CNN, Sports Illustrated, Maximum PC, GamePower, GamePro, TechTV, PCGamer, and Prima Publishing.Contributing Editor: Computer Games Magazine, PCGamer, PCUpgrade, Maximum PC, Laptop Magazine, InQuest, GameSpy, Yahoo Games Domain.Author of 4 Strategy Books and several unpublished Children’s Books.Andrew also drives all media content (DVD, film, videogames) for Disney’s Family

Hobbies: Photography, writing fiction, reading anything, playing with the kids.

Profession: Freelance Writer/Author/Stay-at-home-dad

About: Andrew broke into freelance writing and never looked back. Born in Milwaukee he grew up in Irvine CA and then found himself back in Milwaukee and working with game companies mostly based in… Irvine CA. The child in him is very much alive and loves playing with his own kids. He hopes one day to be a beloved children’s book author (but would settle for “published”) but would be content to be known simply as “GamerDad.”