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For 5 years now, GamerDad has been helping parents with his moderate generally pro-video game message.
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Why GamerDad?

On April 20th 1999 the horror of Columbine gripped the nation. Andrew was assigned by CNet’s GameCenter to cover the story and he noticed to his dismay that not only were videogames being unfairly blamed for the murders – the facts were all wrong. On April 20th 2000 (coincidentally) his daughter was born. In 2003, his son Henry was born and that’s when he decided the world needed GamerDad.com.

Launched on Father’s Day 2003, GamerDad.com was the first place to find accurate game reviews written from a parental perspective and without an agenda (we’re not a religious site, we don’t moralize). Soon competition began riding our coattails, CommonSense Media.org and then WhatTheyPlay.com. Seeing that he couldn’t compete against non-profit status or a venture capital driven website, Andrew sold his 1000 review archive to WhatTheyLike INC. Soon they will appear at the WhatTheyPlay website (where Andrew has his Ask GamerDad column).

GamerDad is planning on spending as much time as a stay-at-home dad as he can and loves playing games with his kids. GamerDad.com has become a blog designed to continue this conversation, give gamer parents a place to hang out, and review things that come across our desks. The site will also keep readers abreast of GamerDad’s outside opportunities. We were first, the world is catching up, it’s time to give GamerDad your microphone. It’s time to help parents rather than scare them.

Don’t you agree?

* If you’d like to commission GamerDad to write or edit an article for your magazine or website. Andrew performs this service for: The National Parent Teacher Association, Family Fun Magazine, Disney Family.com, Yahoo, WhatTheyPlay.com, CommonSenseMedia.org and more. Email GamerDad Here!

* If you’d like to quote GamerDad as an expert. Andrew has contributed to articles in The New York Times, USA Today, Parade Magazine, Child Magazine, The National Press, The BBC, as well as magazines/newspapers in Brazil, Canada, Australia and England. Andrew has appeared on television in Seattle, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Austin. Email GamerDad Here!

* If you’d like to interview GamerDad. Andrew used to be a newspaper journalist and he’s been happy to help journalists with stories or answer questions about his views on gaming and movies. He’s published nationally in The Dallas Morning News, Cookie Magazine, PCMagazine, 1Up.com, NPR, Electronic Gaming Magazine (Brazil) and an awful lot more. Internationally he’s been profiled on the BBC (England), National Post (Canada), EGM Brazil (Brazil) as well as papers in Spain, Australia, and Mexico. Email GamerDad Here!

* If you’d like to hire GamerDad as a Speaker. Andrew was the keynote speaker at the 2008 American Library Association technology conference. Andrew was the dinner speaker at the Mississippi Library Association’s dinner. Andrew speaks annually at the Penny-Arcade Expo in Seattle, at local PTAs, and has performed two media tours. Both for the “Parental Controls Awareness Radio Tour” for Boys/Girls Club America, PTA, Edelmen Worldwide, Xbox.com in 2006 and 2008. In 2005 Andrew answered questions for ABC News in Philadelphia. Email GamerDad Here!

* If you’d like to hire GamerDad as a consultant. Andrew has consultant/negotiated with Best Buy Inc, GamePro Magazine, WhatTheyPlay.com, CommonSenseMedia.org, Disney Worldwide Media Services. He’s considered a visionary and has been contracted to help explain what kids want from video games, and what parents will tolerate. Let me help your company!

* If you’d like to purchase one of our articles for publishing. Contact GamerDad to inquire! Email GamerDad Here!

* If you’d like GamerDad to cover your toy/game/DVD/Film. We make no promises but we try to talk about everything that we receive. Our priority is making sure Andrew knows about your game (and by necessity that means we have to favor AAA titles of any ESRB rating – that’s what kids want) rather than reviewing the game. Email GamerDad Here!

Who is this guy?
Andrew S. Bub is GamerDad, the founder of GamerDad.com and the GamingWithChildren and MoviesWithChildren blogs. He’s been a film and video game critic for over 10 years, and the author of 3 nonfiction strategy books about gaming and has contributed to 2 more.

An Internationally recognized expert in his field, Andrew is a speaker, a consultant, and author, a webmaster, a gamer, and a parent. In 2004 the Associated Press called GamerDad “the leader in the Gamer Parent revolution.”

He’s a parent himself, an expert on video games, children, and why kids love them. GamerDad is a labor of love as well as a vocation for him. He’d love to help you write your articles about kids, movies, games, and violence but be warned: he doesn’t take any sides but what he considers to be common sense. He’s well versed in the current studies and finds the one’s linking violence to video games to be just as weak as the studies touting their benefits. He believes, most of all, that kids love games. That it’s foolish to ignore them. That good parenting is being aware, remaining calm, and above all, interacting with children.

GamerDad was founded in June 2003 and we’ve already gotten the notice of the press. Let us help you continue to inform the public!