Peggle Goes Apple

peggle1.jpgOne of my favorite games this year was Popcap’s genius bit of time distortion (it goes really fast when you play this game) known as Peggle. I heartily recommend going to Popcap’s site and downloading it now. But first, here’s some good news. Popcap has a Half-Life 2 themed version of Peggle available for PC on STEAM. And they’ve just announced that Peggle is now available for PowerPC and Intel based Macs and is also now available for click wheel versions of the iPod. I can’t recommend this game enough folks. I wish they’d make an iPhone version! Great for adults and kids. Grab it from and tell ’em GamerDad sent you!

5 Responses to “Peggle Goes Apple”

  1. Through 1/3/08, there’s a sale where any single game is half off (including Peggle!). I first tried it when it came with the Orange Box, and I didn’t expect it to be half so addicting as it turned out to be. I think it’s normally like 20 bucks, but for 10 I might just cave and buy it already.

  2. It’s worth it at $20 so $10 is a steal!

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