Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway – Content Review

From WhatTheyPlay: Hell’s Highway tells the story of a single paratrooper unit during Operation Market Garden. The Allies are invading the Netherlands and pushing back against a fearsome German force. Anyone steeped in WWII drama will find the plot points familiar, and parents need to know that innocent citizens rescued by you meet grim fates. Women and even a child are not spared. There’s a drawn out death scene and several friends die in the game. There’s a lot of drama going on between the harrowing combat portions  the cut-scenes and movies alone merit the ESRB’s M-rating.

Expect to see a FULL review of this game at Crispy Gamer, coming soon. Bub’s been in the trenches a lot the past couple weeks.

I’m also reviewing the Wii version of this game for both What They Play and Crispy Gamer. Expect those to be linked here soon.

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