It’s a-me! Trick or Treat!


 Happy Halloween from the GamerKids!

And Happy 10th anniversary GamerMom.  Over the years I’ve written gushy things about Linda and my marriage but this year I can’t seem to do it.  Before I reveled in my love and wrote about it freely but with last year’s near-death heart attack our love is now tested, tempered, and redefined. We are one, joined, and in love.  It’s been a great 10-years. 

What say we leave the kids with my parents – leave all the videogames at home – head for two days in Chicago in a nice hotel – and round it all out by doing the ALA Conference and then jetting back home to vote.  Sound good sweetie?  Great!

Oh and Linda, hope you don’t have plans for the next few decades.


PS: My kids are Mario and Princess Peach. It was hilarious, everywhere we went 30-something men started humming the song. What a popular guy that Mario is. Also, I didn’t force these costumes. My vote was for the whole family to dress up like Bubbles, our Bassett Hound. Didn’t fly, oh well, I couldn’t be prouder of this!  (And yes, Linda sewed both costumes. Even making them warmer than normal.) Happy Halloween!

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  1. Happy anniversary Honey! I love you and the trip will be great. Here’s to many more years together.

    Henry has now moved on and is Dracula but Maggie continues to be Princess Peach. It was a great Halloween!

    Happy 10th!

  2. Hey that’s awesome! Next year Henry should be Kirby. Boy wouldn’t that be a booger bear costume to sew? –Cary

  3. What a wonderful picture! I’m excited and nervous for our kids … first Halloween in a new area.

  4. Congrats, both of you! Marriage is hard work–ten years is a great testament to your love for each other!

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