GamerFamily Holiday Guide ’08

It turns out we weren’t done. My kids and wife have never been that interested in my Holiday guides but this year they wanted in. So I took out my notebook and started scribbling. What does the GamerDad family – who can choose from many, many, many games – play?


Little Big Planet: Both kids love this genius and endlessly challenging/creative platforming game. “They have cool worlds. I don’t like it when I don’t know what to do…” says Henry. That’s why Maggie steps in with her pink-bunny-eared Sackgirl and saves the day.

Mario Party 8 (Wii and DS)

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS)

SuperSmash Bros Brawl (Wii) – note this is rated T-Teen, which I think is absurd, but you might agree with them so just be aware of that.

Guitar Hero:: World Tour (Wii) – Henry is out bassist.



Cooking Mama – “It teaches me to cook!” says Maggie, and her GamerMother agrees. As do I. Maggies prepared some pretty daunting dishes in real life. (DS,Wii) 

Brain Quiz 3rd&4th Grade Edition (DS)

Guitar Hero World Tour – Maggie is our singer (Wii)

Hannah Montana Spotlight Tour – (DS, Wii)

All-Star Cheer Squad = (DS)


GAMERMOM (our drummer)

Wii Fit – “It’s teaching me and the kids Yoga and makes it fun. I like the hula hoop” she says. “I do too,” says I.

Namco Museum – (Wii) “I really like the Pac-Man games”

BoomBlox -(Wii)

Rock Band 2 – (Xbox 360) – We play GH as a family because it has “beginner mode” – Linda prefers the music on the Rock Band so she favors this game.

Personal Trainer: Cooking (DS)

GAMERDAD (Lead Guitar)

I did this for my friends at Crispy Gamer (and a few other places where I advised them – and signed a nondisclosure agreement. Hint: The newspaper has the word Times in it and the Magazine has the word Parent in it. And it’s probably not the ones you’re thinking of.


In my article I picked: Bob the Builder – Boom Blox – Left 4 Dead – and Wii Fit. For the sake of argument lets say I put Guitar Hero World Tour in there as well. So I get five, like my family. Cool?  Okay, since it was a great year of games, here’s an alternate five. (All are kid-safe too)

Rock Band 2

Civilization Revolution (DS, Xbox 360, PS3)

Peggle Nights (PC)

Wii Music (Wii)

Ultimate Band (DS.Wii)

– and that’s barely scratching the surface and avoiding anything over T-Teen.

Good luck and Merry Christmas from GamerDad and Family!


7 Responses to “GamerFamily Holiday Guide ’08”

  1. Thanks for sharing the family’s picks. It’s great to see everybody want to share their experiences. Since I have a son who’s 5 as well, seeing Henry’s picks is fun.

    Merry Christmas to you and Gamermom.


  2. Whoa momma thats a fat dog! And i laughed pretty hard when i read Ganermom was the drummer. Merry Christmas!

  3. Is his name GamerDog?

  4. Her name is Bubbles. Her nickname is “The GamerHound.” And she is a Basset Hound. She’s actually considered slightly underweight but that’s because she’s only two. She is a sweetheart.

  5. Bubbles? a She? oh. well, i still like my bandname.

  6. Thanks for the picks. My daughter (6) is getting a DS for Christmas, so it nice to see what your kids are into.

  7. That band name is almost as cool as my tofu hot dog question.

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