Game Review: Sally’s Salon (DS)

Run your own stylish boutique with Sally’s Salon on the Nintendo DS. It’s based on an online game, and similar to other popular customer management action games on the Internet like Diner Dash and Cake Mania.


Make sure that your customers are seated in the correct styling chairs and pick the hair style and hair dye that makes them happiest. And don’t make them wait too long. Different customers have varying levels of patience, and if you can get them in and out quickly, they’ll give you better tips. Use that extra cash to buy additions and power-ups for your salon to make your customers even happier. Serve a target amount of customers in a given time limit to move on to the next round.

The transition from PC mouse to DS touch screen works well, as you drag the customers around the salon with the stylus. It’s a pretty easy game to learn and pick up and play, too. Fans of casual online action games will probably enjoy Sally’s Salon.

Kid Factor
Sally’s Salon is rated E for Everyone. Reading ability is helpful for the text instructions, but picture and facial cues in the game make things easy to figure out. Even though Sally’s Salon is also an online Web game, the DS version of Sally’s Salon may be a good alternative for parents who want to limit their kids’ time on the Internet.

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  1. Eh, curse you anime.

  2. i think the game is so coooooooooooool!

  3. thank you

  4. el juego de sally ;salon es muy bueno

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