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Got a question for all the hardcore Gamers in the house!  Please read and answer if you can:

The fundraiser is going . . . okay.  I didn’t expect a lot because the people who really like what I do – the game industry – are hard to reach and don’t visit here regularly. Add to that the youngsters this place attracts and the fact that the parents generally come here infrequently.  I’m in the last phase of this and am now contacting various gaming sites and blogs, hoping they’ll be moved to post about this.  I’ve visited Slashdot, Destructoid, Joystiq, GamePolitics, Crispy Gamer – and GamerswithJobs.  Have I missed anyone?  I’m severely out of touch but are there other mega-game blogs I should visit?  Thanks, just email me (link on right) or post in the comments section below.  Contact info, if you can find it, would be appreciated.  THANKS!


Look Up in the Sky! It’s the GamerDad Signal! Parents need help, gaming needs defending and because of this (and other factors) I’m ready to ask for your help! PLEASE READ (links fixed)
Dear Readers,
Moms, Dads, Teenagers, Grandparents, Game Industry Professionals, and, of course, Gamers too!

I’m going to ask you for a donation in a minute – wait! Don’t go yet! Please hear me out:

In late June will become 6 years old. It’s a remarkable milestone considering that it’s weathered a few minor complications like – 2 recessions, the birth of my son, Appendix surgery and then Quadruple Bypass (have I mentioned that before) surgery. I was one of the first voices to confront anti-gaming bias with a pro-gaming/pro-parenting attitude and I’ve accomplished much with fewer resources than excellent nonprofits like the Entertainment Consumer Association, Common Sense Media and new moneyed rivals/allies like WhatTheyPlay.

I perform this service for free, basically. I get paid for outside articles but I refuse all advertising at my blog. That costs me dearly, but I think it’s exactly the right approach. My goal, above all else, is to help parents navigate the confusing waters of modern gaming. I warn them about the most violent games, I point out the best kids and teen games, and I do it in a completely non-judgmental way. I give the info and I let the parents decide what’s best for their kids.

Most of you know this already.  I’d like to do more. Over the next few weeks I’ll show you that I can do much, much more. I intend to publish at least two articles PER DAY (starting Monday) until our anniversary on June 30. If I get enough in DONATIONS over that period, I will continue that pace (ok, maybe 1 a day) for the next year. Health allowing. That means:

  • MORE Ask GamerDad!
  • MORE Game Reviews from a Parental Perspective
  • MORE Movie Reviews from a Parental Perspective
  • MORE Review Videos featuring my GamerKids
  • MORE Gaming Blogs and Features
  • MORE Parents and Kids helped!

Here’s the PAYPAL link, click the Pic or use the PAYPAL link in the right sidebar:

Thank You Very Much

Thank You Very Much

Checks should be made out to ANDREW BUB at the following Post Office Box:
PO Box 070265
Milwaukee, WI 53207

I’ve learned that this kind of work is VERY fulfilling but sadly it isn’t very profitable. I want to continue doing it. Continue spreading the good word about gaming and helping parents. I want to do that more, which is why I could really use your help.


Since suffering my Heart Attack, Here is what I accomplished in a year and a half (bear in mind I took most of the last 4 months off). What can I do when not in constant pain and difficulty? I know I’d like to find out!:

  • 1. GamerDad: Gaming With Children speech at the Penny Arcade Expo – audience of about 300 hundred.
  • 2. Founded two columns at Crispy Gamer – GAMERPARENTING (the first activist game/parent column ever) and THE POLITICAL ARENA and wrote about 20 reviews.
  • 3. Negotiated a deal with the then new, wrote around 40 reviews and founded ASK GAMERDAD the most effective (perhaps only) activist Q&A column ever. ASK GD ran over 15 months and in that time I must have answered at least 75 questions from the type of people who’ve never read a gaming website.
  • 4. Teamed with the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) and the National Parent/Teacher Association to write a pamphlet on Internet safety (linked in the bar on your right), appeared in a web video with ESRB president Patricia Vance and PTA president Jeanne Domine. Appeared on “The Technology Tailor” radio show in Chicago with Ms. Vance to promote the pamphlet.
  • 5. Sold over 1000 reviews to (was finally able to pay my invaluable volunteers!)
  • 6. GamerDad: Gaming With Children speech at the Penny Arcade Expo – audience of about 500 hundred.
  • 7. Keynote Speaker at the National Library Associations Technology Conference. The speech explaining why games are good to roughly 1000 librarians nationwide and let them send the speech to other librarians. The content of the speech will appear in the June/July issue of the Library’s magazine.
  • 8. Keynote Speaker at the Mississippi Library Conference in Jackson. (I believe I’ve done more to promote gaming and reduce fear in the state of Mississippi than anyone outside of the official gaming nonprofit.)
  • 9. Participated in another pro-gaming pamphlet with
  • 10. Wrote two slideshows for (a popular women’s website) about gaming benefits and offered 10 classic games playable today.

There’s more. Like the many articles written for GamerDad and my preliminary work on the eventual GamerDad book (already have an Agent!)

This is only the second time in history that we’ve asked for help. The first time took open-heart surgery and the response was . . . humbling (thanks again Penny-Arcade, for your support, I’m proud to call you guys friends). I don’t expect that again, but I do hope you’ll consider helping. I think the work we do is that important.

Oh, I also write movie reviews for parents.

Thank you very much for your kind attention,

“No recompense do I ask now of you – but me cap would be glad for a copper or two!” – Mary Poppins

-The GamerDad Family

GamerDad, GamerMom, GamerBoy, GamerGirl and, of course, the GamerHound

Thanks Again, Give what you can!

Thanks Again, Give what you can!

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  1. Ok, it’s been a couple days and progress is moving slowly. Not surprising as much of my audience is teens and a lot are parents coming with a single question. – Also I haven’t started the regular posting yet. Keep it up – tell a friend!

  2. Look up in the sky!
    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it superman?
    No, it’s GamerDad, and he’s hurt!
    The supervillain Tom Jackson has gotten hold of GamerDad’s one and only weakness, recessionite, and GamerDad needs medical attention immediately!
    Tom plans to destroy the whole city as revenge after we banished him and he will succeed unless GamerDad is alive and well. GamerDad is the only person who can stop him!
    We can’t lose the great hero of this city. We must do everything we can to help him.
    Doctors, surgeons, ambulances, come over here. We can’t lose someone so important to the survival of our fantastic city, San Gamesisco, in times when evil super villains are spreading like wildfire!

    Unfortunately, I can’t help for obvious reasons.

    I hope more people donate GamerDad!

  3. Recessionite? San Gamesisco? Love it!
    I was going to ask who Tom Jackson was, but then I got the joke. Great post Mr. Guy.

    I want to emphasize that we are not in financial trouble. GamerMom is a professional (and unaffected by the recession) and I’m making about as much as I’ve done in previous years. This year I’m getting tired of spending money on the website without making any from it.

    ALL money donated will go into the website or to help me better advertise my services to the people who need it. You have my word on that folks 😉

  4. Unfortunately my job is being effected by the recession. While I still have one (actually 2) the primary one has cut our salaries by a considerable amount. So while I can’t offer any financial assistance I will continue to spread the word about this site (I do all the time, even at job #2 which is working at Staples) and offer my assistance (if needed) helping with the website. I have experience building and maintaining them (particularly WordPress) so let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.

  5. “No recompense do I ask now of you, but me cap would be glad for a copper or two!”

    I love that line. It’s from Mary Poppins and basically describes how Burt is actually doing his one-man-band thing for the love of wearing cymbals on his knees than the money he makes at it. So don’t feel guilty about it Rich, I may take you up on your offer one day but I’d be unhappy if I thought anything given hurt the family of the giver. Spreading the word is good too.

    Please remember me when you win the lottery though, kay?

  6. I wish I could donate, but I don’t have a PayPal account. If you guys publish a review on The Conduit I might freak out and get one though just to donate. =) Love you guys!

  7. There is a POBox in the article, checks made to Andrew Bub. But … the Conduit you say? I’ll look into that!

  8. I’m lucky enough to still be gainfully employed. My girlfriend will be going back to school in the fall, however. I wish I could’ve given more, but I hope you collectively get enough from everyone to pay a bill or two.

  9. Not a complaint, just a note that the PayPal link in the article failed to work for me, but the regular one in the right side bar had no issues. I got to a “Sorry — your last action could not be completed” complaint page from PayPal.

  10. you could try posting on submit a link to this article. it might not hit the main page, but the totalfark people will still see it. fark is similar to slashdot and draws alot of people with varying hobbies. kotaku every now and then gets something on the main page, as does joystiq i think. so you got a chance, and you have a chance of bringing more traffic from that site as well.

  11. Another blog to contact would be Kotaku.

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