Guest Review: Chaotic: Shadow Warriors (PS3)

CHAOTIC_BOXChaotic: Shadow Warriors is a popular trading card game and TV cartoon show, and now it’s a video game for all the major consoles (PS3 version reviewed here). For this review, though, I enlisted the help of kid Chaotic expert James Young to write the majority of the review. Read on for his take on the game:


JAMESChaotic: Shadow Warriors is based off a card game, and based off a television show. Then, Chaotic became toys. After that, Chaotic is one famous series like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and many others.

In Chaotic, you first go wandering around Panama. You then find a spooky creature called a Mepedian. You battle him with your cards and then win. You go to go find Attacat. You find him, tell him what you saw. He tells you to tell him if you see any more. Sounds like another Chaotic adventure!

When you reach the title screen, choose new game or continue. Then it will take you to a game saving screen. You choose the non-colored sign for new game, or choose a colored sign for continue. Then it will take you to the game.

Chaotic is a role playing game where you take turns attacking with mugic(mugic is magic in Chaotic), abilities, or just attacking. The graphics in this game look pretty pleasing. The game play is ok, if you’re an RPG type guy, kind of like me. I like this game because it has a bunch of trying to figure out weaknesses. To complete the game, all you have to do is beat all the Mepedians, and capture all mugic counters.

The game is cool, it’s fun and is really addicting. I give this game a 7 out of 10.


James Young is a 9-year-old student at Northwest Elementary School in Fort Worth, TX

Kid Factor:

Chaotic: Shadow Warrior is rated E-10 for Everyone 10 and up with an ESRB descriptor of Fantasy Violence.

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