Video Game Christmas Ornaments!

GALAGALast year around the holidays I reviewed Hallmark’s Pac-Man Christmas ornament. They made it to look like an original upright arcade cabinet, and it had lights and sounds from the game! This year I found even more video game themed Christmas ornaments, so I thought I’d share what I’ve found with you all, too!


First of all, Hallmark is continuing their arcade cabinet series with the Galaga ornament. Galaga was also made by Namco, the same folks who did Pac-Man. This one is just like the previous ornament, with authentic arcade artwork and sounds from Galaga. And since the whole arcade cabinet is black, the lighted marquee and game screen really show up. Since the Pac-Man ornament was yellow, when it lit up, everything glowed a sickly, jaundiced color.

The only problems I had with the Galaga ornament was the batteries are a little harder to put in this time. You have to screw out the battery holder instead of popping it off like on the Pac-Man one. There are no instructions, but at least batteries are included. Even though most of the artwork is official, the marquee doesn’t look EXACTLY like the old arcade game. And finally, the ornament is pretty expensive. At just under 20 bucks, I would think they should let you PLAY Galaga on that thing!

When my mom went to New York on a business trip last month, she stopped off at the Nintendo World Store and got me some Christmas ornaments there, too. There’s Mario with a Santa hat going down a pipe like a chimney and Yoshi with reindeer antlers. My favorite is one I had to special order: Princess Peach ice skating with Toad falling on his butt! (Toad is my favorite Mario character). These ornaments are getting a little hard to find now, so if you see one, get it!

What’s interesting is that on the back of the Nintendo ornament boxes are a few others that I don’t think they made this year. Or at least I can’t find them anyway. One is just a Santa sack full of Mario power-ups, another has a Koopa Paratroopa filling a stocking with Bob-Ombs. I really wish they would’ve made the Bowser ornament, though. It looks like he’s setting a Christmas tree on fire with his breath! Ha!

Anyway, below are some pictures of the Nintendo ornaments. Since this may be my last blog before the holidays, I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a safe and happy holiday season, and a fantastic 2010!

What video games would YOU like to have as Christmas ornaments? Let me know in the comments section! –Cary





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    Christmas ornaments are decorations usually made of glass, metal, wood or ceramics that are used to festoon a Christmas tree.

  2. I love those ornaments, and I wish I had them. The Mario cast seems well-suited to be Christmas’ed up. Other good choices would be Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey and Diddy Kong, and Kirby. I can just picture a cute little Kirby Claus hanging from a Christmas tree branch with a pink Christmas light shining on it.

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