Starcraft II

Blizzard always makes an impact. It began when Warcraft: Orcs vs. Humans and then Starcraft defined real-time strategy forever. Diable became the top action RPG and you’ve probably heard of World of Warcraft. Warcraft 3, many years ago, basically just updated the traditional gameplay and added better graphics. That’s exactly what Starcraft II does. Updates the formula without changing it.

I became burned out on RTS somewhere around Warcraft 3 and Age of Mythology. I’m tired of resources, build queues and lassoing my troops for small battles of attrition. It’s a game style where micromanagement can trump tactics and that’s no longer my cup of tea.

So, I don’t like Starcraft II, even though the Zerg are an awesome opponent, Battlenet multiplayer is smooth and friendly and even though the game is pretty great. It also has an interesting menu system I’ll leave you to discover.

I just wish they updated the AI instead of just the graphics overhaul. As always it’s simple and a quality experience but I can’t help, despite the years, that the gameplay is played out and Starcraft could have used a lot more innovation than simply being Warcraft III with better and space-ier graphics.

The game features blood and tiny people screaming when they die but it’s all on a very small scale. T-Teen is about right.

3 Responses to “Starcraft II”

  1. I’ve never been attracted to all the micromanaging inherent to RTS gameplay. But a couple of my friends are so into StarCraft lately it borders on obsessive. They act like it’s the GREATEST GAME EVAR, basically.

    Maybe I just don’t get it because I don’t play StarCraft, but this sounds like pretty much the same game that was released 12 years ago, with a new campaign and a shinier coat of paint. Most franchises would get flak for that, but StarCraft 2 has received near universal acclaim. I’m not sure I understand the logic there…

  2. The logic there is that it’s AWESOME! I didn’t play StarCraft 1, and I’ve never been a great RTS fan, although, I did really enjoy Age of Mythology when it came out. StarCraft 2 has utterly blown me out of the water. It’s probably the best game I’ve played since Mass Effect 2 came out.

  3. Great video game just like first part maybe even better

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