Toy Story 3

My love for Pixar is deep and abiding. They provide the best entertainment for my kids each year and all through the years and I admire just about everything about the company. Movie tie-ins tend to borrow adequate gameplay and then shoehorn it into the narrative and the results are typically mediocre. That’s not what happened with Toy Story 3, the game.

Instead they chose a path with more freedom. An open world modeled after Andy’s room forms the hub and various Toys will give you missions and items to collect. There are a handful of worlds that tie-in to the movie. A Woody mission where he is challenged by Dr. Porkchop to save the train – and the victims riding. Another where Buzz must fight Zerg. And then there are fun translations of Toy Story 3 locations. Good stuff and it should keep kids 6-90 entertained.

This review is based on the Xbox 360 version, which is identical to the PS3 version. I also looked at the DS version. The Wii version is different, so I can’t comment on that directly. Just know, there’s nothing offensive here!

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  1. That’s a “review”? Did you actually play the game, or just read the back of the box?

  2. This is really short!

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