G.P. the GamerPuppet Unboxes Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Collector’s Edition for 3DS

Hey there, hi there, ho there, folks! G.P. the GamerPuppet here! Game reviewer Cary recently splurged and got the collector’s edition of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for 3DS. For 20 bucks extra, you get all sorts of cool stuff. So let’s take a look at what all you get!

Here’s me holding the box. The outside cardboard cover is white.

After you slide off the white cardboard sleeve, you get this black hinged plastic box.

Let’s open it and see what’s inside!

First and foremost is the game! Cary can’t wait to play it. Grab the game from my hand, grasshopper! Or should I say “Jiminy Cricket?”

On the other side is a Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary shell cover for your 3DS! Has Kingdom Hearts really been around that long?

There’s also a black envelope in the hinged box. I’ll hold it on my forehead and try to guess what’s inside like Johnny Carson (did I just age myself there?).

Inside the black envelope are about 15 to 20 postcards, each with artwork from the various Kingdom Hearts games!

And last are some extra AR cards that you can use in the game! Cary’s already scanned them all! He loves AR cards.

And that’s all you get in the collector’s edition! What do you think? Do you like Kingdom Hearts games? Cary likes ‘em, but he can’t stand the overzealous fans. Cary couldn’t care less about the storyline; he just likes to tromp around all the Disney worlds beating up bad guys. His favorite worlds are the Steamboat Willie and TRON worlds, and the Winnie the Pooh levels. Cary hopes they show up in the new 3DS entry. Especially Pooh. Later!

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