Monster 4×4 3D (3DS)

Ready to get down and dirty with some monster trucks? In Monster 4×4 3D for 3DS, you’ll compete in different events like races against 3 other AI trucks or one boss. Or you can smash and bash in arenas in a destruction derby for points. Win third place or higher in any of these events to unlock new skins, upgrades, and even new trucks.

You can choose from four different kinds of trucks. Buggies are fast and good for races. 4x4s are the most balanced. Muscle trucks are good for destruction. And the ‘fun’ category has crazy monster trucks like a school bus, ice cream truck, or even a hamburger! As you win events, you can upgrade your truck’s engine, tires, and defense. In races you can pick up power-ups like missiles to slow your opponents down, or shields to keep you from getting hit. Race on snowy mountains and sandy deserts, and compete in arena settings and even a graveyard!

You can go through each challenge consecutively in Career mode, but you can’t revisit challenges unless you replay ones you’ve already done in Quick Play mode. Two people with 3DSes and a copy of the game each can challenge each other in multiplayer. You can also view achievements you’ve unlocked among other things.

Only problem is that play control is muddier than the arenas you’ll be driving in. It’s a little easier to steer if you use the D-pad instead of the analog stick, though. Graphics aren’t very impressive and the framerate is very choppy, too. Plus your truck can come to a standstill if you accidentally hit a wall. Very frustrating. And sometimes you can go right through other vehicles!

Kid Factor:

Monster 4×4 3D is rated E for Everyone with an ESRB descriptor of Mild Violence. You do smash and bash cars and make things explode. And in the graveyard level it looks like you run over zombies, but the graphics were so bad I couldn’t tell. Reading skill is needed for the menus, and younger gamers might get frustrated at the difficulty. What I recommend doing is taking your kids to a REAL monster truck show if you can. My dad took me to one for my sixth birthday, and I still remember it to this very day. Just don’t forget earplugs!

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