Poptropica Adventures (DS)

Help save the Poptropica Museum, which has fallen into disrepair and is danger of being closed down. It’s up to you to travel to three crazy islands to gather artifacts to bring back as exhibits for the museum. Supposedly, this is based on a popular online game, but I’ve never heard of it.

The game is a simple 2-D platform adventure. First you design your kid character and outfit him or her out with clothes and other looks (you’ll unlock more as you play, too). You start off at the museum but can pilot a yellow blimp to fly to three islands to gather artifacts and exhibits for the galleries. At Mythology Island, you’ll rub elbows with Greek gods and goddesses and other mythical creatures. On Super Power Island, everyone is a super hero (or super villain). And AstroKnights Island is a mix of medieval and science fiction.

On each island are tons of people to talk to. Each one wears a different outfit, so be sure to collect them for the museum, too. Some people have quests and items for you to find. Collect them or trade with others and you might just earn another artifact for the museum. But sometimes you may have to play a mini-game to collect an item, help out someone, or move on to another area. These games include mazes, platform jumping and racing challenges, Pipe Dream-like puzzles, and more.

The only problems with this game are that one, sometimes the goals can be a little unclear and items tough to find. I got stuck on a mission to find four photographs, but when I did that and went back to the person that requested it, they still said I needed four photographs. So I don’t know if there’s a bug in the game or what. Also, the mini-games can be pretty difficult sometimes, and even I had trouble with quite a few, so it might be frustrating for others as well.

Kid Factor:

Reading skill is a must, as everything is text based. The game could be considered educational as each time you gather an exhibit, you can read about it at the museum and learn some interesting facts about Greek Mythology, history, comic books, and more! But some might get frustrated at the unclear goals and difficult mini-games. But if your child wants to play Poptropica online, and you want to limit their time on the PC, this DS game may be a good compromise. Poptropica Adventures is rated E for Everyone with an ESRB descriptor of Comic Mischief.

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