Undead Soccer (iPad)

SOCCER_BOXIt’s the zombie apocalypse, and the only thing you have to defend yourself is a soccer ball! In this downloadable iOS game, flick a soccer ball at incoming zombies to defeat them. Tilt the iPad left and right to look around and get zombies coming at you from all angles. Use power ups and defeat boss zombies to survive as long as you can.

Gameplay is super simple. Just flick the soccer ball with your finger in the direction of the creeping zombies. Hit several in a row to increase your combo multiplier. Some zombies drop power-ups. Roll your soccer ball to collect them, then tap the power to use it. Some powers include poison balls or soccer balls that leave trails of lightning. Some zombies carry shields or explode. Every so often, you’ll have to battle a boss zombie. If they get too close and hit you, it’s Game Over.

After you lose, you can net experience points which can increase your ball’s level, which in turn boosts your score multiplier. Only frustrating thing is that when you do lose, you have to start at the beginning again. You can continue where you left off if you spend coins, but it requires a ton of them and the only way to get that many is to buy them with real money. The idea of defeating zombies with a soccer ball is amusing and mildly entertaining, but it may not hold your interest for very long.


Kid Factor:

The zombies in Undead Soccer are pretty cartoony and not very scary, but there is some animated blood and gore. Plus in the tutorial, a severed finger shows you how to flick the ball. It’s a simple enough game to grasp, though, but probably best for older kids.

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  1. Interesting Game.Thanks for sharing

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