Endless Alphabet (iPad)

ALPHA_BOXEndless Alphabet is a new iPad app that helps teach young children about not only letters, but early reading, spelling, and vocabulary skills. And it is host to a bunch of silly monsters who keep kids entertained along the way. But best of all, it’s free for a limited time!

First, your child will tap on a letter of the alphabet to view. A word goes along with it, and a stampede of monsters runs across the screen and jumbles the letters all over the place. Your child must drag each letter back to where it belongs, like a puzzle. As you tap and drag a letter, it’ll sprout eyes and a mouth and say the phonetic sound of that letter. Such as K-K-K-K or T-T-T-T. So not only does this part of the game teach phonic sounds, but also early reading and spelling skills as you place the letters back where they belong.

Once that task is completed, the letters will cheer and you’ll hear a narrator describe the definition of each word. The monsters on screen will also do a funny animated skit about the word. This part of the game reminded me of some of the old Sesame Street animated shorts I remember as a kid (although this game has nothing to do with Sesame Street). Some of the words are pretty big, like ‘bellow’ and ‘gargantuan,’ so it teaches vocabulary as well.


Supposedly, every week or so, the game can connect to the internet and download more words and monsters to view, which is why it’s called “Endless Alphabet.” I’m not sure how that works, though. Regardless, it’s a cute little app that young kids will enjoy. Download it while it’s still free!

2 Responses to “Endless Alphabet (iPad)”

  1. It looks like you should be able to get a code some how and connect. Which is what I am trying to find at the moment and how I came upon this page.

  2. Cool thing for kids, I think the only trophy I legitimately won was a Spelling Bee trophy in 2nd grade, so I approve.

    Speaking of which, I need to find that thing.

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