Meowsers: Action Cats (iPad)

MEOW_BOXIn Meowsers: Action Cats for iPad, guide one of three different felines with your finger as you help them collect gems, gobble up tasty mice, and avoid obstacles like pitfalls and mean dogs.

Play control is easy, just move your finger on the touch screen and your cat will follow the paw trail. Don’t go to fast, though, or your cat will stop. Keep your finger close to the cat and move slowly around the playfield, collecting gems and mice for bonus points. Avoid things that can slow you down like cardboard boxes, and watch out for obstacles like holes and mean dogs. If you get caught, it’s Game Over.

The game plays up the whole popularity of the “LOL Cats” internet pictures with phrases like “U Haz Scoar” and such. Downloading the game is free, but you only get access to one cat and the Survival Mode. And that didn’t interest me enough to spend the extra 99 cents to unlock Adventure Mode, if that tells you anything.


Kid Factor:

No reading skill is needed, and there is no violence either. If a dog touches you, it just flips to the Game Over screen. While I wasn’t impressed with the game, one of my little brothers just loves cats and would probably play Meowsers regardless.

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