Angry Birds Cheese Nips

CHEESE_FRONTIt may be a little silly for me to post this, but I just love this weird stuff. Now you can get Angry Birds Cheese Nips in stores!


Here’s a closer picture of the front of the box.




The back has an Angry Birds related word search and trivia questions.


The side of the box shows all the cheese cracker shapes and which character they correlate to. I guess they had to do that because the actual cheese crackers don’t look a whole lot like what they’re supposed to.


And that’s it! Happy snacking! –Cary

3 Responses to “Angry Birds Cheese Nips”

  1. Ha, that’s awesome! We recently got a massive box of Angry Birds Shortbread cookies which are very similar to your find. It even came with cool little collectors magnets for the fridge. It’s amazing to think that a game app is so massive that it is now plastered all over food, among other things.

  2. Yeah I saw Angry Birds Flavor Ice the other day at the store, but i didn’t get it because I don’t like that stuff.

  3. Awesome. We’ve been eating these for months at my house. With two preschool kids and two iPads in the house, Angry Birds is a big favorite… I throw these into our “snack mix” rotation that I mix up for school lunches…

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