Kung Fu Rabbit (Wii U)

RABBIT_BOXEvil forces have kidnapped all of Kung Fu Rabbit’s bunny disciples, and now it’s up to Kung Fu Rabbit himself to save them! Run, jump, and climb over and around obstacles in this 2-D platform jumping action game, originally released for iOS devices but is now a downloadable Nintendo eShop title for Wii U.

Kung Fu Rabbit can run and jump, as well as climb walls like Mega Man X. He can also ‘hi-ya’ enemies with a single chop, but he has to be facing their weak point first, then he’ll automatically dispatch them. You can tell an enemy’s weak point by a flashing blue dot, usually on their backs.

Hidden in each stage are three carrots and one giant carrot. Try to collect them all to boost your score. You can also use the carrots to buy goodies and power-ups at the dojo store, as well as unlock super-secret extra challenging bonus stages. Complete levels by touching the little bunny trapped in a bubble, just make sure not to come in contact with enemies or black sludge, or you’ll have to start the stage over again.

The entire game is viewed on both the TV screen and Wii U controller, meaning you can turn off the TV or watch something else while others play the game. Play control using the buttons on the Wii U gamepad works way better than the virtual touch screen buttons of an iPhone or iPad, too. In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing other iPad titles released for Wii U if they control this much better. Kung Fu Rabbit may not be very original, but it’s still a fun little downloadable diversion if you enjoy platforming action.


Kid Factor:

For a game with the words Kung Fu in the title, violence is very minimal. You can automatically karate chop bad guys, but they just disappear when whacked. If our rabbit hero gets hit, he just lets out a cute little ‘argh’ and is whisked back to the start of the stage. Reading skill is helpful for some of the menus, but not necessary as the game is easy to figure out just by playing. Younger gamers might need help with the later, more challenging stages, though. Kung Fu Rabbit is rated E for Everyone.

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  1. Hahaha so awsome game

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