Mini Ninjas (iPad)

NINJA_BOXA few years ago, I reviewed a cute little 3-D platforming adventure called Mini Ninjas. Now the pint-sized ninjas are back in a continuously running 2-D platforming challenge available to download on iOS devices (iPad version reviewed here).

In this game, play as Hiro the ninja as he runs from left to right. Tap the left side of the screen to jump, and the right side of the screen to attack. If there is a wall behind you in the background, you can double tap on the jump side to do a wall run. And that’s all you need to know about the controls (wall running can be a bit tricky at first). Jump over obstacles like fire and spikes, and slash at enemy ninjas with your sword to keep on running. If you hit anything, you’ll trip and fall and end your run and must start over (unless you buy a second chance with Koins).

As you play, you’ll collect items to help you run farther. Koins are scattered about and used to buy all sorts of goodies in the Tengu dojo shop, like outfits, animal friends, and more! Collect ingredients to craft potions that can give you an edge, although it can take a while to craft them. Every so often, you might run into one of Hiro’s friends and you’ll be able to play as them for a while. Hiro’s allies have special powers, like being able to smash rocks, glide in the air, or draw Koins in like magic. As Hiro defeats enemies, he’ll fill a meter that, when full, allows him to use power magic, like tornados, that can help him run farther. Purchase and equip more magic and potions at the dojo store and complete missions to increase your rank.

While continuously endless running games have over-flooded the iOS marketplace as of late, Mini Ninjas exuberates a higher level of quality than most. The game features vibrant and colorful 3-D graphics, fun characters, and easy to understand gameplay.


Kid Factor:

It’s a fact. Kids love ninjas. I know a few kids myself who have said they want to grow up to BE ninjas! So I think they’ll like this game as well. Violence is very minimal. Defeated enemies just disappear in a puff of smoke and rainbows, and if Hiro gets hit, he just trips up and sits on his butt looking all sad. Reading skill is helpful for the menus, but not necessary as the game is easy to figure out just by playing.

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