Combo Crew (iPad)

COMBO_BOXCombo Crew is a 2-D beat ‘em up where it’s you against hordes of brawlers. The game is for iOS and Android devices (iPad version reviewed here), and you use finger swipes on the touch screen to kick, punch, perform combos, and dodge attacks. Can you reach the top of the tower to battle the boss?

To play, you first choose your character. There are four in all, but two have to be unlocked. There are three different modes of play. King of the Tower mode is the main story, where you conquer room after room filled with baddies. After each stage, you are rated and given coins and medals depending on how well you did. Spend your earnings in the shop to buy new fighters, combo moves, and power-ups. Combo Crew Mode is an endless challenge where you fight waves of enemies that keep on coming. Try to survive as long as you can. The last mode is Manage Crew and you use it to compete or cooperate with friends via social network outlets.

Gameplay is very simple. You fight enemies in a single room and use finger slashes to punch and kick baddies. Hold down to charge up before slashing to unleash an attack that can penetrate blocking enemies. If an enemy has an exclamation mark over their head, they are about to attack and you must tap on the screen to dodge in time. Perform special combos by slashing in certain directions with two fingers. Perform lots of combos to fill up a special meter. When it’s full you can tap the button on screen for a super attack. Lose all your energy and it’s Game Over. While just swishing around the touchpad with your finger can get you by in most cases, Combo Crew can still be a fun diversion anyway.


Kid Factor:

While you do punch and kick people and robots in the game, the graphics are very cartoony and I didn’t see any blood. I’d be OK with most any kid playing this, and while reading skill is helpful for menus and instructions, gameplay is pretty simple to figure out. Some may get bored at the repetitive gameplay, though.

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