Memorial Day Hot Air Balloon Festival

BALLOON_BOXOver the Memorial Day holiday and the week after, I was in Alabama seeing relatives. We didn’t really do much exciting, just hanged around and visited each other, which is fine by me! But one day we did drive out and saw a hot air balloon festival. Perfect day for it, too, clear skies and everything. I took a lot of pretty pictures, so I thought I’d share a few of them here with you.

Here are a few shots of the balloons being blown up on the ground:






This is what the balloons look like before they blow them up. They lay them flat on the ground first.


Here are some shots of balloons in the air:



A bunch of balloons in the sky at once:


This black one flew right over my head!


This one flew right in front of the sun, so I took a picture of it then. It’s a ‘balloon-ar eclipse!’ Get it?


Some balloons had pretty flags on them.


An American flag balloon and a National Guard balloon. Perfect for Memorial Day.


Camouflage, blue and red checkerboard, and a Christmas Tree? I don’t get it.


Toward the end of the evening, they were offering tethered balloon rides. We wanted to do it, but the line was too long. One of the balloons we wanted to ride on was the Pepsi balloon, since I have close relatives that work for Frito-Lay, which is part of Pepsico. The Pepsi balloon was made to look like a football. Someday I’d like to ride in a hot air balloon, so long as it’s not too scary!


And that’s all the balloons! They had other stuff there, too. Food stands, arts and crafts, but nothing was very picture-worthy. Except there was a radio station trailer that said DJ Jammin’ Jeff on it, so I had my brother Jeff take his picture in front of it. Jeff writes reviews every now and then here on, too!


Before we went to the festival, we ate at a Mexican food restaurant. They had a neat statue out front, so I took a picture of that.


And that’s all we did there! Like I said, mostly we just visited family and ate good food. We even bought some Frog Spit Ice Cream. And if you don’t believe that, here’s a picture!


And that’s all for now! Later! –Cary

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