Quell: Memento (iPad)

QUELL_BOXQuell: Memento is a puzzle game for iOS devices (iPad version reviewed here). Have you ever played a Zelda game where one of the dungeon puzzles had you push ice blocks around, except they were slippery so the only way to stop them was to make sure something was in their path? That’s what this one reminds me of. But Quell: Memento is a very well-crafted puzzler with more than a hundred levels of clever game design. Read on to find out why:

In the game you can flick water bubbles with your finger on the touch screen up, down, left, and right. When you do, they’ll keep going in that same direction until they hit a wall. What keeps this game interesting and fresh is that in each stage, you have a different goal. Sometimes you must make your bubble collect all the dots in the maze. Other times you may have to color the walls of the maze with your bubble. Much later, you’ll have to do both! The game does a great job of explaining each new ability, item, and goal in every stage. If you complete a level with as few moves as possible, you’ll earn a coin that you can use in later, tougher levels to get hints. There’s a story in the game about an old man trying to recover his lost memories, but it’s really irreverent and unnecessary. What’s important is that this is a pretty fun little game for your iPhone and iPad that should please puzzler fans of all ages.


Kid Factor:

No violence whatsoever. Reading skill is helpful for some of the instructions and hints, and younger gamers might need help with some of the later, tougher levels. Great logic and thinking game for kids and adults, though.

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