Reader Review: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (360, PS3, PC)

BLOODDRAGON_BOXGet ready for a totally tubular, radical blast from the past with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It’s an expansion for Far Cry 3, but you don’t need the original game to play it. Just take every staple from any cheesy 80’s action movie, mix in a large dose of humor, and you get Blood Dragon. Since it seemed like something more up my brother Jeff’s alley, I had him guest review it (360 version reviewed here).

A standalone DLC for Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon brings all the action movie stereotypes of the 80s into a game played in the same style and setting as Far Cry, albeit more dark and with the occasional splash of neon. With VHS tapes, cutscenes that seem like they were pulled from an old NES game, and an assortment of robo-animals, it is obvious that this game does not take itself seriously in the slightest. Those who have played the original Far Cry 3 may notice a decrease in difficulty, because in Blood Dragon you play as the cyber-commando Sergeant Rex Power Colt who has increased health, can survive falls from any height, and can sprint almost as fast as the vehicles! The game is meant to be more action-oriented as stealth is seen as an option but not a priority. Although differing from the original game it is still at its core Far Cry 3, a first-person single-player campaign with some awesome gameplay.

The setting in the game is almost the same as Far Cry 3. You’re on an island with Jeeps, dangerous animals, and baddies! You can liberate garrisons to act as fast travel points that also give you side missions like killing a specific animal like the fearsome Blood Dragon, or saving a hostage by killing all the bad guys around him without being seen. The game is very hilarious and any fan of Far Cry 3 will love picking up this DLC.  –Jeff Orth


Kid Factor

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is rated M for Mature with ESRB descriptors of Violence, Blood, Sexual Content, Nudity, and Strong Language. While the game is violent, the blood is all neon colored, so I didn’t that part of the game was that bad. What I did notice the most was the prolific use of bad language used everywhere. Because of this and the other descriptors, this game is best for adults only. But that’s OK, because kids wouldn’t get all the 80s jokes and references anyway (Kid Factor by Cary Woodham).

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  1. great game. and yes, the blood is spectacularly neon.

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