Last Minute Father’s Day Gamer Gift Idea: Super Mario Duct Tape!

TAPE1I saw this at the store and it was so crazy I had to write about it. Super Mario Duct Tape! Click to read more!

The Mario Duct Tape was six bucks, which is kind of expensive for tape. But you’re really just paying for the license. They had other characters on duct tape on the shelf, too, like Angry Birds and Hello Kitty. Here’s a close shot of the side of the Mario Duct Tape!



2 Responses to “Last Minute Father’s Day Gamer Gift Idea: Super Mario Duct Tape!”

  1. A friend who is also a plumber and maintenance guy for the park system I work for had a baby (well, his wife had the baby) last year and I bought a roll of glow-in-the-dark zebra-striped duct tape as a shower gift and put a note on it that said “baby’s first roll of duct tape”. My sister got a roll of pink camo duct tape in her Christmas stoking this year. I like duct tape, you never know when you’re going to need some!

  2. whoah, this is insane.

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