FitStar: Tony Gonzalez (iPad)

FITSTAR_BOXFitStar is a free-to-play fitness app for the iPad that provides weekly customized workouts and videos. It features visual and audio instruction by NFL star Tony Gonzalez. But how much fitness do you really get for free? Read on to find out!

To start, the game will ask what kinds of workouts you’d like to have, and for how long. Cardio, strength training, flexibility, you know, things like that. Then you have to accept the typical waiver that tells you to consult a physician before starting the exercises, which is to be expected. But what I didn’t like is that after that, it wouldn’t let you go any further until you provided your email address. They really only do that so they can email you workout reminders, AND you can turn the emails off in the options screen. But I still don’t think they should’ve made it mandatory in the first place. After the assessment, then you get to pick a workout regime. Only problem is, they charge for all of them except for one, a general four-week cardio program. So it’s a bit misleading.

There are a lot of good things about this fitness app, though. You can change the music in the game or use your own. The videos are very informative and you can pause and skip them at any time. Plus it’s great to be able to take a workout video wherever you go. All you need is some empty space, and maybe a wall or door frame to do some of the resistance exercises. A bar at the bottom gives you clear results on how much time you have left and how many more sets you must do. After a workout, you’ll earn badges based on what you’ve completed. Only problem is that the free regime said it was a four week program, but only about a week and a half into it, they already said I’d have to upgrade to get the rest of the plan. So none of it is REALLY free-to-play. Plus, a lot of the workout segments and videos repeat themselves, so you might get bored of doing the same thing over and over. But at least it’s less expensive than a gym membership. Might be a good thing for someone just starting out, but that’s it.


Kid Factor:

When the app asks for an email, I’d put in the parent’s email, just in case. But other than that this would be a great workout app for all ages. Reading skill is helpful for some of the instructions, but otherwise not needed as there are visual and audio cues for all exercises. Might be a good thing for parents and kids to do together, too!

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