Sheep Up! (iPad)

SHEEP_BOXThis free-to-play game for iOS devices (iPad version reviewed here) doesn’t pull the wool over your eyes! It’s actually really fun. A mischievous little dog has knocked a toy sheep into a stack of cardboard boxes, and now you must help guide the bouncing sheep out of the correlated abyss. The game kind of reminds me of a classic Game Boy Color title called Kirby’s Tilt n Tumble. Or if you want to go even really old school, those tilting maze marble games. Except in Sheep Up!, your toy sheep is always bouncing, not rolling!

There are tons of stages, and each one has five levels that you must pass. Each is a single screen challenge where you tilt your iPad around to guide your toy sheep to the exit. You must avoid pitfalls and traps, or you’ll have to start the whole stage over (annoying when you are on the last ‘floor’ of a level). Sometimes you must flip a switch, nab a key, or bounce on blocks in a certain order to make the exit appear. Make sure to grab any power-ups you see, as they can help you avoid pits or make you invincible to enemies and obstacles.

Scattered about each level are gold coins that you can pick up, although they also look like buttons. Button coins, I don’t know. Spend your button coins on outfits for your sheep, power-ups, and other goodies. You can also buy more coins with real money, although it’s not hard to earn them just by playing. The end result is a really fun and cute little game that doesn’t make you feel like you have to spend more money just to enjoy it.


Kid Factor:

While some younger players might get frustrated at the more challenging, later levels, Sheep Up! is still a great game for all ages. Even if your sheep gets hit or falls down a pit, it’s OK because it’s just a toy, so violence is non-existent. Reading skill is helpful for some of the instructions, but the game is easy to figure out just by playing.

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