Asterix: Megaslap! (iPad)

ASTERiX_BOXAsterix is a very popular European comic book series that has spawned several animated movies and even video games over the years. But it’s not very well known here in the US. Asterix and his large friend Obelix are Gauls who defend their small village from the Roman army by using their wits and their magical super strength potion. I don’t know much about it myself, but from what I can tell, it looks like the European equivalent of Popeye. And now you can help Asterix sock some Romans in Asterix: Megaslap! for iOS devices (iPad version reviewed here).

This game is very similar to other tablet and smartphone games where you send something flying in the air and try to see how far it goes. I even reviewed a game like this on iPad called Ninja Toss earlier this year. I’m sure there’s other like it, too. Anyway, after Asterix drinks his potion, help him wind up a punch by drawing circles feverishly on the touch screen. This is one of the problems I had with the game because that seemed like it would be pretty rough on the screen. Do this enough times to fill a meter up as high as you can. Then flick toward the hapless Roman standing next to Asterix to send him flying. Your goal is to try and punch him as high and far as you can. He’ll even go into space if you hit him hard enough.

Fences, blockades, and just plain old gravity will halt your progress. But with the coins you earn by leveling up and by bouncing on other Romans on the ground, you can buy armor and other items that you can equip to the Roman to make him fly farther. Such as a cape, or a pillow for bouncing higher, or other items to help the Roman stay airborne. As your Roman soars, sometimes you can even find hidden character cards that you can view pictures and bios of the Asterix cast. While it can be slightly addicting in a simplistic sort of way, it’s also a bit too basic for its own good and too much like other iOS titles. I think only die-hard Asterix fans will get a kick out of this.


Kid Factor:

Even though the whole game is about punching someone, it’s all very cartoony and that poor Roman always pops right back up, ready for another wallop. If you’re OK with your kids watching classic Popeye cartoons, they’ll be OK with this game, too. It might even be educational since it introduces cartoons from other cultures.

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