Zorbit’s Math Adventure (iPad)

ZORBIT_BOXSchool is starting soon, and now you can give your young space cadet a rocket boost in preschool math skills with Zorbit’s Math Adventure for iOS devices (played on iPad here). Help the young alien Zorbit and his friends practice early math fundamentals as they help Zorbit collect Power Stars so he can have enough fuel to go to a brand new planet: Earth! Your preschooler will hone counting skills, number and shape recognition, size and direction comparisons, and more!

Each stage is represented by a planet, and there are six in all. In each one you’ll help Zorbit or his family and friends do various things. Help Zorbit’s mom wake him up for his big day. Then help the little alien count gumballs, feed his friend’s pet, repair his dad’s spaceships, and design Zorbit’s very own Earth-bound rocketship!

As you play each activity, you’ll earn virtual stickers that you can place anywhere in a pretend sticker album. It kind of reminds me of the old Colorform toys they used to have when I was little. When you finish all the activities in a planet, you’ll earn a Power Star. Luckily the price recently went down on this little downloadable math adventure, so now it’s a pretty decent activity for youngsters.


Kid Factor:

Reading skill isn’t needed, as all the instructions are told with spoken voices. Sometimes they don’t tell you when to just tap or when you need to drag and drop things on the touch screen, but it’s still pretty easy to figure out anyway. In the pet dinosaur feeding activity, you must use counting and sorting skills to feed the alien dino fruit, but that little guy has a habit of frequently burping, farting, and pooping (you even earn stickers of him doing those things). So some parents may not like that little bit of crude humor.

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