AiRace Speed (3DS)

AIRACE_BOXTake control of high-tech space jet planes and race them though dozens of futuristic indoor corridor courses with AiRace Speed, a downloadable title for the Nintendo 3DS handheld. Pick a stage (more will unlock when you earn stars), and fly through tubes and tunnels avoiding obstacles on the way.

Nearly all the courses are basically time trials. Try to make it through one, two, or three laps in the fastest time possible. Be careful not to crash into anything or you’ll get a time penalty and have to start at the last checkpoint. Some levels are endless, and will keep going until you crash a certain number of times. Perform well on courses to get bronze, silver, and gold stars. More stars unlocks additional courses. You can also adjust game and control settings (analog stick or touch screen controls) in Options and unlock and view various in-game Achievements.

It’s an all right game, but more could’ve been added to it. Maybe races against CPU planes, or some sort of multiplayer component. One thing the game has going for it is a fast sense of speed. It really feels like you’re zipping through those corridors, especially when you use nitro! As it stands, though, it’s a very basic racing experience.


Kid Factor:

If you run into an obstacle or hit a wall too many times, you’ll explode, but that’s about as violent as it gets. Younger gamers may get frustrated at the high challenge level. AiRace Speed is rated E for Everyone.

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