BeyBlade: Evolution (3DS)

BEYBLADE_BOXAfter all these years, kids still play with tops. But now, they battle with each other with custom tops and arenas for them to spin and bash around in. The most popular battle top toy line, BeyBlade, is still around after all these years. And now there is a new video game based on this franchise using the unique capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS handheld.

In the video game, you and an opponent launch two tops into a rounded stadium for them to spin around in. Whoever’s top gets knocked out of the stadium first, or stops spinning, loses. To launch your top, you’ll use the motion controls of the 3DS to aim where you will launch it. Then flick up on the 3DS to ‘let it rip’ and send your top into the arena. As you spin, a ‘spirit meter’ will fill up on the bottom screen. When it is full, tilt the 3DS to aim with a reticule and try to ‘shoot’ your top with spirit power to boost its attack. But be careful not to shoot your opponent’s top or it’ll absorb your spirit boost.

You can do Story Mode and meet characters from the cartoon and compete in various tournaments. Win tournaments to earn BP so you can buy and equip more parts to boost the stats of your top. Or you can compete in single battles with CPU players or folks you’ve met via StreetPass. The game even comes with an AR card so you can compete in a virtual stadium. Or view info on tops and parts.

The problem with this game is the motion controls aren’t always accurate and it doesn’t seem to be clear as to how to win battles. It almost feels like winning takes more luck than anything. But fans of the BeyBlade toys should still enjoy the game anyway. You can even buy a Collector’s Edition that comes with a real BeyBlade top!


Kid Factor:

BeyBlade: Evolution is rated E with a ESRB descriptor of Mild Fantasy Violence. You bash two tops around; I don’t see what’s so violent about that. Reading skill is a must with all the text. Kids might get frustrated at the difficult motion controls, though.

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