Monster High: 13 Wishes (Wii, 3DS, DS, Wii U)

MONSTER_BOXMonster High is a popular toy line for girls where the dolls are based on various monsters. In the game, a dark genie has taken over Monster High School, and now the ghoul girls must delve into a magic lantern to collect 13 mirror shards to save their school. Your kids can play as their favorite monster girls in this 3-D platform jumping adventure (Wii version reviewed here).

You’ll start out playing as Frankie Stein, but you’ll meet and unlock other characters later. All characters can run and jump, but some can wall jump, too. Each also has a special attack for defeating shadow enemies. Some twirl around, while others toss things like electricity or snowballs. Not only that, but each also has a special skill for getting around the levels. Frankie Stein can remove her hand and it’ll crawl around small spaces like Thing from the Addams Family. The fish girl (can’t remember her name) can swim, and other characters can create ice bridges, warp to long distances, and more. A second person can pick up a remote and aim at the screen to collect objects, stun enemies, and generally help out player one.

Most stages are set in a desert, pyramids, ruins, etc., to keep with the genie theme. After finding the warp point near the pool in Monster High, you’ll choose a mission to rescue one of the girls, find a mirror piece, or fight a boss. Gameplay consists of light platform jumping and block pushing or switch flipping puzzles, with some very light combat every now and then. You can also collect items like coins, but I don’t know what good they do. Because of the abysmal graphics and unclear goals, only die-hard Monster High fans would enjoy this.


Kid Factor:

Monster High: 13 Wishes is rated E for Everyone with an ESRB descriptor of Mild Fantasy Violence. The girls twirl or toss objects at shadow creatures who disappear in a puff of smoke when defeated, but that’s it. If you’re OK with your kids playing with the toys, they’ll be OK playing the game, too. Reading skill is helpful for some of the text, but most of it has spoken voice, too. The graphics look like something from the N64 era (well, maybe less blurry and with no fog), but girls probably won’t care, they’ll just be happy playing an adventure with their favorite toys. However, what they will mind is the very unclear goals and confusing mission interface. I have a feeling that parents may be posting comments here in the future asking how to get past certain spots their kids are stuck in. I can help with the first fly boss: use the Egyptian girl to warp to pedestals when the fly dives at you, and when it flips on its back, go over to where it is and twirl around a bunch. But I really can’t tell you what to do after that because the objectives were so unclear. Again, only the biggest Monster High fans will enjoy this one.

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  1. phmfmh

  2. Just rcv’d 13 Wishes for Xmas. How do I collect coins or any thing? I can get to them but can’t obtain them.

  3. How do you save your progress in monster high 13 wishes when playing it on a 3DS/or 2DS system?

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