Cary’s Top Five Favorite Zelda Characters

zeldaThe Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is being released soon, and I’m really excited about it. As a big fan of classic top down Zelda titles, I’m super happy for this one since it’s a sequel to the SNES A Link to the Past. So in honor of the release of this new Zelda title, here are my top five favorite Zelda characters, just for fun!

5. Tingle

Nobody likes Tingle because he’s awkward, weird, and disturbing. But I think that’s why I like him. At least just a little bit. I tend to like annoying characters sometimes. In Japan, Tingle even stars in a few games that never came out to the US. I wish Nintendo would put them in a collection and release them in the US somehow. I know one of the titles is kind of like a Zelda game in that you explore dungeons, but your only goal is to collect more rupees, so it kind of reminds me of the Wario Land of the Zelda series. Another Tingle game is a Balloon Fight/Balloon Kid remake. I’d like to try them out at least.

4. Impa (Ocarina of Time)

Impa appears in many games as Zelda’s attendant. Sometimes she’s an old woman, and in other games she’s younger. And in some games, she’s even both! (I knew it was her right away in that one game, if you know what I mean) But my favorite version of Impa is in Ocarina of Time. She’s portrayed as a strong lady who is nice to Link and protects Zelda, and I think that’s cool.

3. Scrapper

In Skyward Sword, you explore and interact with an ancient race of robots in the desert. You even have a friend in the game repair one of the old robots to help you out in the present day. Your friend names the robot Scrapper, and boy does that little robot have an attitude! He calls Link “Mr. Shortypants,” and always tries to talk down to him! Even better, when Scrapped meets Fi, the mechanical-like female spirit of the Master Sword, he falls head over gears for her. It’s robot love, the purest love of all. He’ll do anything for her, even if it means having to work together with Link. If you’ve beaten the game, you know about the sad part of the ending. Well that’s not what made me sad. I was sad because they didn’t say what happened to Scrapper! Only bad part about Scrapper is the escort mission you have to do with him in the volcano. Luckily, that’s even bearable thanks to the fact that enemies don’t return, even if you mess up.

2. Agitha

Twilight Princess is one of my least favorite Zelda games (but I still like it), so it’s strange that my last two favorite characters are from that game. Agitha is proof that there is probably traces of lead in the Hyrule water, as she is certified bat-poop crazy. She calls herself “Princess Agitha” although I doubt she’s royalty at all. She lives in a house in town and if you bring special shiny bugs to her, she gets so excited that she sings a poem about the bugs going to a fancy ball dance party. You get rewards in return, so it’s worth your while to track down these bugs for this overly obsessed lady. But what’s really fun to do is that if you visit her house and leave without giving her all the bugs you’ve collected, you’ll hear her growl as you step out the door, “I know you still have bugs…”

1. Princess Zelda

Unlike Princess Peach, who probably has her own wing in Bowser’s Castle, she’s been there so much; Princess Zelda just doesn’t LET Ganon or whoever capture her. She actually does something about it. Even in the very first game, she split up and hid pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom to keep Ganon from getting it. My favorite version of Zelda is in Twilight Princess. She tries and sacrifices all she can to save her kingdom and even admits her mistakes. And she’s really pretty, too, ha ha! Ocarina of Time Zelda is also neat, although I knew from the beginning that she was Sheik. Zelda in Spirit Tracks is also notable because you kind of sort of get to play as her, and she’s the most helpful to Link out of any Zeldas. Well, OK, she’s scared of mice, but hey, give her a break. I’d like to see a Zelda game where you get to play as Zelda instead of Link. I’m getting a little tired of him. And yes I am aware of that one CDi game, that doesn’t count.


And those are my top five favorite Zelda characters! I’m looking forward to seeing new ones in A Link Between Worlds. In the comments section, let me know what you think of my picks and tell me YOUR favorite Zelda characters! Later! –Cary

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